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1. Making your booking

All bookings are made by an adult on the explicit understanding that the occupants adhere to the terms of the literature provided on the suitability of the hirer’s being able to access safely, the ships unique facilities.
Babies in arms are permitted, however, guests with children under 16 years old will not have access to the Sun Deck for health and safety reasons.

2. Confirmation of booking

Will contain details of the contact’s mobile number required to meet the service providers for a brief induction walk through and handing over the keys for your stay. The Humber Suite will be available from 16:00 on the booking start day, any later arrivals can be arranged so that wecan meet and greet our hirers.

3. Parking

There is no parking alongside LV14 SULA, however, we do have a parking space nearby that is included in your hire costs; and we can meet you with a trolley to covey your luggage (by prior arrangement). We will request your car registration plate details to log you into the space and avoid a ticket, together with providing parking details.

4. Duration of your stay

All terms as per minimum two-night stay, up to a maximum of seven nights. The ship is available until 12 (noon) on the final day and the Humber Suite should be left in a clean and tidy condition. You are responsible for any damage or loss sustained during your stay, which must be paid before leaving.
The cost of engineers to clear any blockages of the toilet due to misuse, will incur a charge of £164 payable at the time of clearing the blockage.

5. Payment

When you book you pay the standard booking costs by bank transfer. This does not include any insurance and we highly recommend the purchase of a small insurance policy to cover your stay.

6. Bookings 2024

A deposit of £150 is payable by return to secure your booking. If we have not received this deposit within 5 working days, we reserve the right to release your preferred dates. We must receive the balance of the money owed no less than 6 weeks of the start of the booking, payable in full if the hire is within 6 weeks. If less than 6 weeks, full payment at the time of booking is required.

7. Changes to or cancellation of your booking

If you must or want to cancel your booking, please contact us either by telephone or the website email contact. The day you cancel (dependant on the reason for your cancellation) you may receive part or all your booking costs. There will be an administration cost of £50 deducted from the refund.
Reasons for cancellation
a) Illness
b) Death
c) Redundancy
d) Jury or witness service (in the court of law) with evidence
e) Your home is damaged due to fire, floods, or malicious damage
f) Police request to remain at home
g) HM forces cancellation of leave
We will ask for a form to be signed by a medical practitioner on items relating to

7.1 Cancellation charges

Period before arrival Cancellation charged as a percentage of costs
Cancel 60 days or more before arrival – 100% refund on monies paid
Cancel 30 – 60 days before arrival – 50% refund on monies paid
Cancel less than 30 days before arrival – no refund.

8. Visiting Pets

Pets are not allowed. Service dogs are permitted, subject to prior agreement.

9. Unreasonable behaviour

The ship owners will refuse to handover the accommodation keys if the unreasonable behaviour of any of your party is likely to cause offense to the ship’s residents or users.
We reserve the right to cancel a booking after the keys have been handed over if there are any complaints due to alcohol, drug use, or physical attack from ship’s residents, neighbours or any police attendance. No refunds will be made, see also Clause 4 – damage.

10. Special requests

If you have any special requests, you must let us know as soon as possible after the booking date. Although we will try to accommodate the requests, we cannot guarantee that any request will be granted.

11. Visitors & Guests

If you are expecting visitors to come on board to see you during your stay then please advise us of this so we are expecting them. Regrettably, overnight stays are not permitted.

12. Complaints

If you wish to complain we will want to act as soon as possible. Please speak to us in the first instance. If you are not happy, we will ask you to put your complaint into writing, such that we may seek to remedy the situation to your satisfaction.

13. Communicating with you

Is governed by the Data Protection Act to which we are registered. For details on how we manage your personal information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


LV14 SULA is an old lady built in 1958 and is a Registered Historic Ship, No.2447.
This means, there is no requirement for the ship to adhere to the Equality Act 2010. We will, however, try to assist with any hire that we can accommodate within the guest suite. If an elderly or a person with mobility problems can use normal stairs this should not cause undue concern, apart from access to the Sun Deck, that we recommend is not attempted. Children under 16 years of age – for health and safety reasons the Sun Deck will be closed and access must not be attempted. The management will not take any responsibility for the Sun Deck access ladder being used by those less able. Babies in arms are welcome and a cot and highchair are available on request.
All decks slope on the ship and all decks also have trip hazards that have been painted a different colour for ease of identification. Anti-slip mats are provided for your use in the shower.
We provide complimentary eco personal products as all our water is discharged off-ship. Refills are available on request.
All our cleaning materials are eco-friendly and we pride ourselves on our eco credentials, therefore, we request that you use the cleaning materials supplied. Refills are available on request.


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