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Meet the crew

The brooks family is happy to welcome you aboard!

Colin "The Captain" & Vivienne "The Boss"

Colin and Vivienne “Viv” Brooks met in 1990 whilst working with a local charity near their home town of Winchester. Their passion for living on water began 15 years ago when they started narrow boating across England’s beautiful waterways.

In 2016, they bought their first narrowboat, which the couple called home for several months of the year. Their adventure with LV14 SULA began in May 2019 when they visited Gloucester Docks on one of their meanders along the waterways.

Cruising alongside the extraordinary Lightvessel, they spotted the ‘For Sale’ sign attached to the wheel house. “Now that would be a good craic!”, said Viv, turning to Colin… and the rest, as they say, is history!

Wilfrid & Boz Ship Dogs

Wilfrid, affectionately known as “Wilfey” to his Instagram followers, is a Show Cocker Spaniel. He lives onboard with ship mate Boz, the rescue Border Collie, and their newest shipmate Stanley the Sausage Dog!

"LV14 SULA is a defining landmark here at Gloucester Docks & we love chatting with inquisitive passers-by!"

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